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Mar 31, 2022

In this episode of Lessons I Learned in Law Scott Brown speaks to Karen Shafrir-Vladeck. Karen was an Employment Lawyer in the US and has recently pivoted into a role in legal recruitment with Whistler Parters. Karen is the perfect modern-day example of a legal recruiter, with industry experience and a passion for building community.  You may also recognise Karen from her TikTok skits with one of our previous podcast guests, Alex Su!

Karen shares the three lessons she has learned in law including:

  • Cast the widest net that you possibly can and see what comes back to you.
  • Always be open to new opportunities, and not necessarily in jobs.
  • Social media can be a really great connector for your working life.


Karen’s pet hate in the legal profession is imposter syndrome and she explains why she would banish it to Room 101.

Have a listen to Karen’s podcast called In Loco Parent(i)s where she and her law professor husband Steve, "discuss parenting and lawyering - in that order".

Presented by Scott Brown of Heriot Brown Legal Recruitment.

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