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Apr 14, 2022

In this episode of Lessons I Learned in Law Katy Beilin speaks to Janine Esbrand. Janine is Founder of Career Change Makers, where she coaches and teaches high-performing female professionals in Law and Finance how to take control of their careers and leverage their strengths to transition into more fulfilling roles, with confidence. Janine has a background as a lawyer, having practiced both in Law Firms and In-House, so is very well placed to advise Lawyers on these issues!

Guest host Katy is a Consultant at Heriot Brown and loves a chat! As someone keen to get involved in blogging and podcasting, we thought it made sense for her make her podcast debut in a discussion with Janine whose Coaching business supports strong working females. Katy and Janine sat down to have their conversation on International Women’s Day, which was very apt.

Janine shares the three lessons she has learned in law including:

  • As a lawyer, you don’t need to know all the answers. Lean in to your ability to find out the answers!
  • The power and importance of networking to build relationships.
  • In your career, your destination becomes your starting line. Reassess your goals and ambitions regularly.


Janine also shares the advice that she would give her children, should they ever decide to embark on a career in the law.

Presented by Katy Beilin of Heriot Brown Legal Recruitment.

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