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Mar 24, 2022

In this episode of Lessons I Learned in Law Scott Brown speaks to Alice England. Alice is General Counsel for a London and Toronto listed natural resources royalty and streaming company, Anglo Pacific Group PLC, where she heads up the legal team and also takes a lead role on the business' environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) agenda. Alice is also a Non-Executive Director at Be Confident Group, comprising of Cycle Confident and BikeRight. Alice shares the three lessons she has learned in law including:

  • Build a strong support network of like-minded people that can help and support you along the path of your career.
  • As a lawyer, always try to be a facilitator rather than a blocker.
  • Demonstrate your worth, show that you are a valuable asset to the company and make sure other people understand the value you bring.

Alice also reveals why she thinks time measuring stop clocks are counter productive in the legal profession and should be confined to Room 101.

Presented by Scott Brown of Heriot Brown Legal Recruitment.

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